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sludge_collector_configurationKEY FEATURES FOR ENVIRONMENT

- Designed and fabricated according to ANSI standard.

  All non metal sludge scrapers are designed and fabricated according to ANSI, American

  National Standards Institute, standard, and are compatible to existed sludge scrapers


 - Green materials are selected.

  100% recyclable materials are applied. The products completed their duration are not

  classified as industrial biomass. Our material is a 100% recyclable.

 - No so many spare parts stocked required.

  The sprockets which request to purchase so many spare parts in case the axis diameter

  of initial and secondary settling tank is differ from each other do not request purchase

  so many spare parts in our system, because the diameter of our sprocket is changed

  by inserting of a simple adapter. This means that a separate stock of spare parts is not


 - No effected by each chain type(for Complete Compatibility)

  Each part of this sludge scraper will be easily  compatible to each axis diameter and chain type such "pintle" and loop " chain.   The important parts of product are designed to  be  replaceable and compatible to different products.